IBCP: Super First Grades Achieved by Prem SCAD Students!

Prem currently has three Grade 11 students taking online courses at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) as part of their IBCP. These courses are made up of a series of graded Portfolios. Our three amazing IBCP artists just received their first grades for portfolio one of the Draw 100 Course and have achieved impressive scores! Jasmine was awarded 94.6%, Heeju 91.65 % and Jigme 96.1%.
Congratulations to these students for making such a great start to this college-level drawing course. With the bar set high, we are excited about their next portfolio!
To learn more about the Courses that SCAD offer click here: https://www.scad.edu
Richard Keys
MYP Visual Art Teacher

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