IBCP: Launch new Co-working space

The Marketing Team and Ajarn Rachel were invited to the launch of Prem’s IBCP’s new co-working space                (International Baccalaureate Careers Related Curriculum – more details HERE.) The students have been busy turning one of the rooms in the school into a co-working area, where the students can come together and share ideas or work independently. The launch was a great opportunity to hear about all the exciting projects that the CP students have already been involved in this Term. The SUMAS (Sustainability Management School Switzerland) students have welcomed speakers from Ori9ins Gourmet Farm, Compass Education and brand leaders to help them understand the importance of sustainability in every aspect of the hospitality industry. They will develop this knowledge further and implement during their placement at the Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai, next week. The SCAD ( Savannah College of Art & Design) students have been making contacts with local digital media businesses and hope to have an internship in place shortly.

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