IB Biology and ESS Workshops

Its is not just visiting students who enjoy working with VSP staff learning at the farm and investigating the life and flow of local rivers. At the end of last semester, Traidhos hosted two IB workshops for both biology and ESS teachers.

IB trainers Tanya Nizam and Trapti Trivedi facilitated classroom theory while VSP and farm staff followed the program created by VSP coordinator Kien, contributing local knowledge when participants studied a 5KM stretch of the Mae Sa River and our own Traidhos Farm. ESS teachers also researched near-by elephant Poo Poo Paper site as a good example of systems and societies.

Workshop participants found time to relax and network enjoying kantok dinner in the amphitheatre, the diner at Krapood and souvenir shopping in the night bazaar. Participants appreciated the access to so many great learning opportunities without having to travel long distances from campus.

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