How we express ourselves in Grade 1

Our most recent Unit of Inquiry, 'How we express ourselves', has been a great success as students were able to use their personal traditions and celebrations to connect to those of the world around them.  Students were also able to evaluate the symbols in different cultures respecting that different cultures have symbols which represent the same thing.  For example, eggs and water are both symbols for new life.  Many thanks to all of the parents and Prem staff volunteers who helped to make this a successful unit of inquiry! 

Have a look below to see some of the celebrations and symbols that we have explored.

The helmet symbolises strength and bravery for Japanese Boys' Day.

Students learned how to make Inari Sushi, a celebratory dish in Japan.

Students explored the deeper meanings of Loy Krathong.

Students learned that the egg is a symbol of life during Easter in Poland. 

Students learned how to drive off Nian during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Students shared Vietnamese folktales with the class.

Eating dumplings as celebration of Chinese New Year.  The one with sugar is good luck!

Exploring Moko, Maori facial tattoo from New Zealand

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