How to help your Grade 11 student prepare for university applications

Soon it will be time for our Grade 11 students to apply and our Grade 10 students to choose their subject options. Parents of younger students may also be wondering how they can help their children to prepare to apply to university when the time comes. I have put together a few handy tips:
  • Have frequent chats with your child about how they feel their academic progress is going and encourage them to establish good study habits.
  • They need plenty of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep not only helps in developing memory and increases academic performance, it also helps us to avoid depression and anxiety. So just how much is enough?  Eight to nine hours of sleep per night are recommended.
  • Get to know the college counsellor at school (A. Dawn). College counsellors are not only knowledgeable about college admission deadlines and requirements, but can also help consider what universities may be suitable for your child.
  • Do virtual or actual visits to college campuses. Doing this early in a student’s high school career can give them (and you) a better sense of which university would be a good fit for your child.
  • Encourage your child to become involved in activities in and out of school. This will help with development and is important in the application process. This could be joining a sports team or academic club, or volunteer work for example.
Ajarn Dawn Parry 
Whole School Careers
and College Counsellor

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