How Sport Helps to Develop Leadership Qualities

The Prem Panthers Athletic programmes motto is ‘Respect, Resilience, Commitment’ and as such we want to teach our young athletes to treat people and conduct themselves in a manner that makes themselves and the Prem community proud. In addition to this, the ability to overcome challenges, show perseverance, be loyal and hardworking, are all character traits that we see in future leaders. Within the Prem Panthers athletics programme we are very proud of the fact that we have sporting opportunities for all our students, but are also proud of the fact that within our sports programme we have the opportunity for leadership and student voice. Whether this is on the court, organising support, helping with scoring or leading our support groups the Prem Panthers have a strong leadership and service presence within our school community. Over the years we have also had various sports leadership groups such as our ‘Adrenaline Sports Leaders’, ‘Sports Leadership Exploria’ and others. This year our sports leaders have formed a committee called the ‘Students Sports Leadership Committee’, with their aim being to bring student voices into sports leadership at Prem and forward our athletics programmes throughout the whole community. We are proud of our student athletes at Prem and watching them grow and develop within our programmes is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Lee Stevens

Director of Student Life

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