How can we get to the farm faster?

After visiting the farm several times, the children reflected on how much time they spend walking to and from the farm.  This led the EY3 children to take action!  Together, they discussed ways they could get there faster so that they would have more time to spend at that farm.  As a group, we decided that bikes and scooters would be a good way to get to the farm faster.  The children made a plan and wrote permission slips to their parents.  Once all parents agreed to the idea, the children planned to bring either a bicycle or scooter to school on farm days.

Today was our first day trying this and it was FANTASTIC!  Every child remembered to bring either a bicycle or scooter!

When it was time to go to the farm in the afternoon, the children were excited!  It was a pleasant surprise to see how organized and principled they were while getting ready to depart.  The children lined their bikes up and waited until everyone was ready with helmets on.  Once we were ready, one student proudly said that we should stay in one line.  Another student said that we should go slowly.  And we were off.  The bike ride was relaxed, enjoyable, filled with laughter, and lots of bell ringing.  Thank you to Khun Tae for helping out one friend when there was trouble with a scooter.  We arrived at the farm feeling happy and ready to explore.


Once at the farm, we explored the shapes of the garden boxes and materials that we will need the mini farm that we would like to build.  The children recorded their ideas in their sketchbooks and took time to reflect on their observations.


After our time at the farm, we got back on our bicycles and scooters and were on our way to EY3.

It was a wonderful afternoon in EY3!