How can get water to the EY3 Mini Farm?

This week at the farm, we inquired into the different ways that plants can be watered.  In preparation for the EY3 Mini Farm and A. Anita’s questions from last week, we explored the farm and looked at how the plants are being watered.  We observed, sketched, and wondered how water goes to the garden boxes.

First, the children noticed one of the farmers using a hose with a sprinkler head.  Other students noticed a sprinkler going in one of the garden boxes.  Many children thought to use watering cans, although, they did not see this being used at the farm.


After a bit of wandering and observing, the children began investigating the black hoses that run along the garden boxes.  They noticed that there are holes for the water to come out of.  When asked where the water is coming from, the children had many different ideas.

“The water comes from the sea.”

“The water comes from underground.  There is lots of water underground.”

“It is coming from a cube underground.

“Sometimes the rain can go into the hole.”

“Up have a hole and down have a hole and when you put some water in and it goes into the grass.”

“It is coming from a watering can.”

The students continued to explore different areas of the farm and came across a pipe with a handle.  They were very excited to discover this and though it was what controlled all of the water to the garden boxes.  They quickly found out that when they turned the handle, no water came out.

The children didn’t give up though.  They began listening closely and heard some water.  They took turns turning the handle to see what happened.  Other children watched the garden boxes, while some children focused on the water spout.

Soon, children began running back and forth between the spout and the garden boxes, yelling back and forth as to whether or not the water was coming out.   The clear communication skills were evident and the children were determined to see the water.

Careful observations were made, but not water came out.  At one point, the handle and top part of the pipe came off the water spout, but the children just put it back on and continued to try.


Eventually, the group continued to look for other areas.  Several water spouts were located, but none seemed to turn the water on.

Then, the children started to notice the blue pipes around the farm.  Some seemed to go underground near the garden boxes.  Several students agreed that this is where the water comes from, but they didn’t know how it was getting into the blue pipe.

After a bit more exploring, a few students discovered a large blue pipe structure that was going directly into a pond.  They began questioning and wondered if this was where the water comes from.  Was this pond supplying water to the entire farm?  How did it work?  The entire class eventually joined in and began wondering.

The children sketched their ideas on how they thought the water goes from the pond to the pipes and into the black hoses in the garden boxes.  There are also some ideas on other ways that the plants can be watered at the farm.  Here are a few of the sketches.

The inquiry continues back in the classroom.  The children are wondering how they will water the EY3 Mini Farm once it is set up.

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