House Science Cup - Art Contest

Online House Event – Science Cup
Last week our Science House Cup was launched where students could get involved in a number of ways. We had a Wildlife Art Contest, Nature’s Beautiful Landscape Photography Contest and a TedX Speaking Competition.
And I have the great pleasure to announce the winner of the Wildlife Art Contest…..
Congratulations to:
1st Place –  Giovanna (Grade 6, Fire House)
What an amazing painting!! We love the bright colours and the beautiful tree frog as voted for by our Prem community.
2nd Place – Kevin (G7 Water)
3rd Place – Stanley (G11 Fire)
Thank you to all the students that took part!
Find out over the next couple of weeks who won the Nature’s Beautiful Landscape Photography Contest and the TedX Speaking Competition, on our Prem Facebook page!
Crispian Waterman
Director of Boarding & House System

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