Hope House Gingerbread Delivery

Dear Prem Community,

Thank-you for supporting the Hope House Exploria in our Gingerbread Delivery project.  With your pre-orders, we baked 636 cookies (in only 6 hours!), organized packages requested by 90 people, and earned 15,190 Baht.  These earnings not only finalized our funding of the toilet block for the Hope House camping property but also put us well on our way to sponsoring a child at Hope House for a year.  The cost for one sponsorship is $1,200 USD a year.  

We hope that you will continue to support our fundraising throughout the rest of the school year so we can reach this next goal.  Look out for our Shaved Ice stall at the forthcoming International Day, or our annual Coin Jar Drive (with a new twist), and expect another pre-paid delivery action in the near future.  

And please do not forget to deliver your gift to the library by December 9 if you sponsored a Hope House child for a gift this year!  


Hope House Exploria Members:  

Vianna, Mike, Tutor, Takaki, Alice, Selden, Sita, Namejs, Didzis, Dan, Casper, Sean, Ajarn Madeline and Ajarn Gita

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