Honour Roll AY 2021/2022!

“Senior school students are recognised on the Principal’s Honour Roll if they achieve a semester GPA of 5.75 or above (for all subjects). Truly outstanding scholarly skills and behaviours were witnessed throughout the semester with many Senior School students making the Roll from Grade 6 through 12. Congratulations to our Honour Roll recipients for Semester 1 of Ay 21/22 and to all Senior School students who persevered, grew and learned throughout Semester 1. We are proud of all our SS students!”


On Tuesday morning students who achieved impressive grade point averages in Semester 1 were celebrated by their peers and teachers in our Semesterly Honour Roll assembly. Hosted in the Senior School (SS) undercroft the SS team announced all the students that had made Honour Roll:


  • In grade 6 Honour Roll: Alexia, Chuekangwan (Oo-Jee), James, Naomi and Ployrat. Academic Award: James & Naomi
  • In grade 7 Honour Roll: Alfie and Eliza: Academic Award: Alfie
  • In grade 8 Honour Roll: Banthita, Wendy, Elisabeth (Lisa), Youjoo (Lisa), Matthew, Nathan, Till Till, Sally: Academic Award: Nathan
  • In grade 9 Honour Roll: Alessia, Hanyu (Tom), Jiayu (Karen), Lunning, Mickey, Nicolai, Phasit (Fafa), Rino, Siripipat (Pinn), Vanessa, Xinyuan (Andrea), Yiran (Coco), Yuzhou (Vivian): Academic Award: Coco and Pinn
  • In grade 10 Honour Roll: Amelie, Claire, Gabriel, Mali, Jiahan (Alice) Kauani, Nichita (Meena), Ryan, Samantha H, Samantha G, Sehun (Robin), Seohyeon (Mark), Viveka: Academic Award: Samantha H
  • In grade 11 Honour Roll: Anxiong (Merlin), Caitlin, Chenxun (Ariel), Chiyoon (Chase), Daniel, Jampel, Jigme, Mayank, Natcha, Nutcha (Namping), Or, Sangjin (Mir), Soe (Stanley), Steve : Academic  Award:Chase, Merlin, Or
  • In grade 12 Honour Roll: Fabian, Gabe, Gino, Kesdechen, Ling, Mintra, Nitcha (Emmy), Papichaya (Yim), Poon, Sein, Seungman (Peter), Sophia, Steven, Tetahi, You Na (Cindy), Yunzhe (Frank) Academic  Award: Sophia





It is wonderful to see so many Prem students excelling in their academic studies! Well done to all the students who received awards today, and thanks to the amazing teaching staff who helped them reach these impressive results.

We would also like to thank the entire SS Teaching Team in particular to Ajarn Sam Carroll the Assistant Principal for Student Wellbeing who helped to organise this joyful celebration and all of the SS homeroom teachers who came along to celebrate their students’ successes!


Jeff Marquis

Senior School Principal

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