Highlights of this week

As part of our current unit and to support children in developing a sense of responsibility as part of the Early Years 1, the children have begun to take on responsibilities for things around the classroom. We have been reading and talking about the importance of each of us taking care of our classroom as well as having roles as members of the class and working together.

Early Years 1 children take turns doing different jobs around the classroom.


Light Helper


Fish Carer


Aircon Helper


Snack Time Helper


Peeling our own fruits and throwing away the peel during snack time


Putting out bedding away after nap time


We celebrated Kiaan’s birthday today during snack time. Happy 4th Birthday Kiaan!

Kiaan passing out treats


Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Kiaan!


In PE, children have begun to participate in the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP). It is a step-by step programme, designed and individualized for the development of perceptual knowledge and judgement. The programme has it’s roots in the development of language, the gaining of problem solving skills, and general readiness areas. Perceptual knowledge/judgement comes from physical and sensory experiences that are repeated over and over. The perceptions that are formed over time help determine how children react to their environment, to others, and to new ideas. When this is well developed, consequential reactions are more likely to be appropriate for any given situation. 



Thank you for sending in your family photos!  Children have been sharing about their families during circle time. 



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