Health Care in Boarding

In boarding we not only have our own little night clinic, we also have our very own boarding nurse, Nurse Aon. 

In cooperation with the school’s medical team of Nurse Kwan, Nurse Kwang and Nurse Rung, she keeps track of all the medical files for every boarding student. They make sure the students get their daily medication or vitamins at breakfast and/or dinner, follow up on students who have been ill and take care of the many little injuries and discomforts the students come and see them for every day.

In addition to this, surveys taken from boarding students show that the nurses are, after close friends and parents, the people students like to have personal conversations with.

Nurse Aon and the medical team at Prem, alongside the boarding learning mentors, accompany students to the dentist, hospital visits, and overnight stays in the hospital. The nursing staff is on call 24/7 in the case of emergency or severe illness, providing all boarding students with the required attention and care for any injury or illness.

Thank you to Nurse Aon and the wonderful nursing staff at Prem.

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