Head Shaves for Cancer Awareness

Sometimes, we think of happiness in terms of what we have: our possessions, how much fun we’re having, or how comfortable we are. But evidence shows that what we do for others has a big impact on happiness and mental wellbeing.
And it’s possible that the more we reach out and give of ourselves, the richer we actually feel. Even the smallest act can count, whether it’s a smile, a thank you, a compliment or a kind word.
The Head Shaves is about small acts and big acts.

As you know, one of our loved ones, Khun Kib, was diagnosed with cancer recently and is undergoing treatment.
When Kib was recovering from her surgery, she admitted that she was scared to lose her hair. In a powerful statement of solidarity, a few teachers have decided that they, too, would shave their hair so that Kib isn’t alone with this fear.
We understand that Cancer is so, so much more than just losing hair. But shaving our hair is not without significance. The bald head is a way of saying “I’m here with you, even if I can’t walk in your shoes.”

We are also making a statement that every person with or without makeup, with or without disease, with or without hair, is beautiful.
During the Premathlon last Friday, three more members of staff shaved their hair in an effort to raise both awareness and funds. It was a huge success, and altogether an incredible show of support towards Kib. We offered our love, we offered our donations, we offered our friendship.
If it’s true that the more we reach out and give of ourselves, the richer we actually feel… then we are rich today.

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