Happy New Year from Liz Hammond


I think we can finally say Happy New Year everybody!! As 2021 opens I have been working hard with the Admissions and Marketing Departments to increase Prem’s enrolment and ensure solid financial foundations so that we can guarantee the quality and breadth of programmes that Prem is famous for. It has been a pleasure planning along side Prem’s Senior Leadership team as well. I first knew Rachel as the Head of Sixth form, and Richard Keys as the Dean of Arts at Harrow and I always knew then that Rachel would one day be a Head of School, so I’m really glad to meet up with her again here at Prem.

After raising the student rolI in Harrow boarding as well as school, I was approached by Rachel in February 2020 to see if I’d be interested to come and work up in the north in the development /marketing/admissions departments with her at Prem.  I was dubious at first after 17 years in Bangkok I had questions: How different is Chiang mai? What are the people like? How long will it take me to get to know the area? Will my Labrador dog settle there?  Where will I live? What’s the weather like? Is the food as good in Chaing Mai?

Rachel invited me to visit the campus, this was my second visit as I came and ran a boarding staff conference with Linda Buck in 2008 on Prem’s campus, I remembered it being sunny, green and rain-forest rich environment. When I came to visit in March I saw the maturity of the campus, and how much had been developed.

So I am in Prem and I will do my very best to raise the student roll, talk to parents, to make connections, to work with local businesses, local language schools, relocation companies, and to encourage partnerships with kindergartens etc. so that we can bring greater prosperity to Prem and put covid behind us.

Please, parents, let me know how you are, what we are doing well and what we can do better, I am happy to listen and very happy to learn more about Chiang Mai and its World Class IB school, Prem!

Best Wishes

Liz Hammond

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