Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

This is the fourth year of celebrating Chinese New Year in Boarding. Friday, January 27th was Chinese New Year’s Eve which is typically marked by families having reunions. To mark this, Ajarn Song and Ajarn Jun took some boarders out for a special dinner. They enjoyed themselves at Qin Kitchen, a Chinese restaurant in downtown Chiang Mai, providing traditional Xi’an food such as Chinese burgers and steamed cold noodles.  Despite being so far away from home and family, our boarders had a lovely New Year with their new friends and fellows together.

On Saturday 28th January, we gathered at the Cooking Academy to make dumplings, one of the must-eat food for this special occasion. This time we prepared two types of dumpling stuffing: pork and cabbage, and Chinese leek and eggs.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU goes to EY1 Cindy and Sissi’s family, who gave us enormous support–they prepared the dough and stuffing, allowing participants to make the dumpling ‘skin’ and stuff them. Some Bhutanese, French and Thai boarders also participated in hand-making the dumplings and enjoyed their own delicacies afterward – it was lots of fun.

Family of EY1 Cindy and Sissi

“Xin Nian Kuai Le” 2017 – let’s embrace this New Year of the Rooster with enthusiasm and prosperity!

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