Hand to Paw Prem Sterilizations

Hand to Paw Prem has surpassed an impressive 400 sterilizations and 100 vaccinations since last April, when we first introduced “Community Day Spay”! It was such an immediate success, with so many people signing up, that we decided to work with the vets to continue our endeavor and to make “spay day” a regular local event.

With each sterilization costing between 500-1000 baht and vaccinations costing between 100-200 baht, we have contributed over and above 200,000 baht in order to have a meaningful, targeted, and direct impact on cats and dogs around Mae Rim, Doi Saket, and Chiang Mai.

Our school community helped raise about 36,000 baht of this money last year, and we are keen to continue building on this so we can continue our work!

You want to help? Great! We willingly accept donations in kind (treats, food, animal toys, animal beds, tick/flea medicine, etc), direct financial donations to the work we’re doing (if you’re interested in paying the vet directly, we can organize that), or through helping us by supporting our fundraisers (movie nights, Haunted house, Valentine’s Day sales, etc…) Ajarn Amandine will match any financial donations made (so your 1000 baht immediately turns into 2000 baht!)

Here are just some of our recent successes:

April 21st: 25 animals sterilized
April 22nd: 13 animals sterilized
May 6th: 22 animals sterilized
May 12th: 17 animals sterilized
May 19th: 13 animals sterilized
May 27t: 16 animals sterilized
June 4th: 8 animals sterilized
June 17th: 7 animals sterilized
June 22nd: 16 animals sterilized
July 27th: 20 animals sterilized
July 28th: 32 animals sterilized
August 11th: 16 animals sterilized
August 12th: 20 animals sterilized
August 13th: 21 animals sterilized
August 24th: 1 animal sterilized
August 25th: 15 animals sterilized
August 26th: 10 animals sterilized
September 1st: 14 animals sterilized
September 2nd: 23 animals sterilized

Take of a look at the collection of photos of some of the animals we sterilized!

Fundraising page: http://fnd.us/81H9I5?ref=sh_36pip0

If you’d like to find out more about our program, please email AmandineL@ptis.ac.th

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