Hand to Paw Fundraiser

Hand to Paw Prem hosted a delightful fundraiser on March 12th at David’s Kitchen to help raise funds for stray dogs and cats. There were some great prizes to win, including a brand new motorbike (worth 52,000 baht) which Ajarn William and Ajarn Catherine Schlei from Prem won!

Hand to Paw raised over 100,000 baht on the night of the event and whilst some of the money will go towards paying for distemper treatments, hit-by-car cases, and cancer cases, some of the money will also go towards a direct fund to our local vets to pay for cat and dog sterilization and vaccinations of animals in our area (we’ll put up a sign in Thai in neighborhoods in Mae Rim where help is needed so people know where they can get their animals sterilized free of charge). If you didn’t get a chance to attend the fundraiser but would like to contribute towards this vet fund, we will be collecting donations via our Paypal account at: Hand 2 Paw, email AmandineL@ptis.ac.th, Merchant: SXTKJNAEZGFME

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