Haircuts and Dental Hygiene

Prem Boarding is like a home from home. The advantage is that the boarding teacher is with your child 24/7. Not literally – however, our boarding teachers live on campus. They are the child’s family members in boarding. Prem Boarding possesses a genuine sense of community. Furthermore, if a boarder has any issues, they stand a very good chance of being noticed. And as those issues surface, the boarding will have the resources and good sense to deal with them.

For example, we noticed that some boys really needed a haircut! So last weekend we invited a barber to come to Boarding to give some boarders a haircut, instead of sending them out to a barbershop and exposing them to the poor AQI that we experienced during that time.

We and the medical centre also organised a workshop regarding teeth health at the weekend for G3 to G7. Many boarders are all aware of the importance of dental hygiene. A dentist came to the Boarding Lounge on Saturday and gave a talk to the younger boarders, which was extremely useful.

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