Gruesome inquiries in Grade 3

This week we have been learning about many body systems through activities, experiments and gruesome stories.

We looked at how the circulatory and respiratory system work together to transport oxidised and deoxidised blood around the body. Students were given coloured pieces of paper and given a job.
Afterwards they made the connection to the body part they were and their role they played in the body. For example, the lungs, heart, arteries, capillaries and veins. We also learned about the skeletal and muscular system and how they work together to allow us to move. Student experimented with a hand model which showed the muscles, bones and tendons and how they function.

Finally, we experimented with our senses through a smell, feel and taste test. We talked about nerves and how they are the pathway for the brain to gain information and send our instructions. We have one last system to introduce, the integumentary system, before we start our final projects.
We can’t wait to see your final inquiries Grade 3 and for you to share how knowledgeable you are about human body systems!

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