Great 6’s Thai Travels

Last week Grade Six students went on a ‘Day Out’ to a local market and had fun cooking. After a long van ride we leaped off the van and made our way into the market. We learned about tofu, noodles, rice, fresh veggies and herbs. Afterwards, we had some free time to look around. Most of us spent our money on delicious snacks including fresh fruit shakes and juice, chicken and pork, sweet rice crackers, and sticky rice. Then we all hopped on the van for a ride back to school for some cooking classes with Ajarn Maprang and Ajarn Nae.

Grade 6 cooks up a storm

Once we arrived back at school, we jumped out of the vans and seated ourselves along an extensive dining table and awaited instructions. Ajarn Maprang and Ajarn Nae gave us a quick speech on safety in the kitchen and then began teaching us the three courses, starting with dessert, a Thai banana and coconut pudding. Afterwards, we cooked some Tom Yum Gai and Tofu and Fried Rice. We then feasted on our delectable dishes and spent an hour either playing football, basketball, four square, swimming or biking around the campus.

by Grace, Holly and Dharma

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