Graduation May 26

The Class of 2014 were nervous and excited as they walked towards the auditorium last Monday on the way to their Graduation Ceremony. Gowns, caps and sashes were all in place and last minute adjustments to tassles, hair and make up had been made. 

At 1:30 pm precisely the entrance music began and after two strong beats of the drums the first of the graduates emerged and made his way to towards the stage. He was followed swiftly by his fellow class members and as they marched through the auditorium they were met by a building round of applause that lasted until the last of them had taken their place on stage. The nerves had disappeared and they were all smiles.

Bhutanese Grade 12 student Pema opened the ceremony and welcomed all participants and guests and was followed by Ajarn Gita who presented the teacher tribute to the graduating students. As the school's IBDP Coordinator her thoughts naturally focussed on the IB Learner Profile and she drew guidance from these attributes that the students could take on board.

Next it was the students' turn to lead events and small group and whole class performances entertained the audience and displayed an array of music talent. Graduating students Cristina and Julian spoke on the students' behalf and urged their peers not to be afraid of making mistakes. These wise words were followed by the guest speaker and Board of Governors member Harold Vickery who also passed on the benefits of his many years' experience.

It was then time for the more formal part of the ceremony and the end-of-year awards were presented by Head of School Maxine Driscoll and the graduation diplomas and certificates by ML Tri, the school's founder. Students proudly made their way to the front of the stage and were greeted with very warm applause by all gathered.

After meeting families and friends in the Prem Quad and the traditional throwing of the caps, everyone gathered again at Le Meridien hotel in Chiang Mai for a celebration dinner. Maxine presented each graduate with a small gift and a yearbook as guests were told of their achievements and future plans. Students performed a group song and the audience was entertained with a movie put together by their peers showing highlights of their time at Prem.

It was a great day, one very much enjoyed by all, and one that was befitting of the calibre of the graduates who are leaving our school and preparing to make their way in the world. We wish them success and happiness and we know they will go on to make the world a better place for all.

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