Grades 9 & 10 sample real Café Culture 

This week Grades 9&10 visited L’Opera Cafe in Chiang Mai. The trip had two main aims. Firstly as part of the Service Action Plan.  The students studied the topic of food and drink. The cafe trip gave the students  an opportunity to be in a real language context, discovering a typical French  bakery/café. They used the vocabulary that they had learned in lessons in a real life situation and also how to make baguettes and bread with a tour of the kitchen by the owner himself. The students were highly praised by the owner of the café for their excellent behaviour and attitude.
The second aim was to reward the students for their  hard work in this class.  Well done to them!
Thank you to Ajarn Bernard for kindly accompanying us on the trip.
Deborah Chatillon

MYP French and DP Ab Initio Spanish teacher

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