Grade 9 Drama: 'This is me' - work in progress

Ajarn Claire has shared some reflective comments her grade 9 dramatists have made about their first lessons of the year. Reading the student comments and Ajarn Claire’s feedback gives a clear insight into the warm and purposeful relationships between a teacher and a class. Definitely joyful and effective learning!
In this lesson I really enjoyed when we had to rehearse altogether as a class while the music was being played. I think that to improve I should have been more creative and let my imagination be free as well as not constantly ask for approval and just let my ideas be used to their full potential.

I enjoyed this whole lesson especially when we performed together. I think I am better than last year. I asked my sister why is she so dramatic and she says the grade 9s are so shy, especially you girls. A good performance never gives people embarrassment, but surprise. So I don’t understand what you are embarrassed about. This sentence motivates me, I felt freer when I perform as I tried to get off these bad feelings, and Thadee said I did well, I was very happy. I think what I can do better is to really take my time when I perform, do not rash. I was rashed when doing the last performance, so I didn’t express happiness well. I can have more interactions with the actors on the stage, such as look at them, circle around them(perhaps). I should work on my positioning, I should be in the centre of the lights when I go on the stage, that way might be more effective. I am also a little bit of stage on the still image part, it’s important knowing what distance between you and or partner and audiences can be most effective.

I had the good experience of my first Drama lessons of this year. I really like our theme of this lesson——“The is me”, The song and the video are telling us not be shy or be shame to be ourself and everyone is different and special. I really like our performance because it made me feel encouraging. The things that I think I do better than last year is I can communicate with teachers and classmates more confidently,and I can share more own ideas, also I don’t feel very nervous when I do some movement. The things that I still have to improve is the movement that I did is too simple and I can not let people very clearly know that I want to show the word is“disappointed“. Hope I can do better next time and thanks for everyone help during the lesson. This is great first reflection, it is honest and thoughtful and gives me a clear idea about what you would like to achieve. Well done for setting your own targets even though this was not asked of you. I am looking forward to what you and the class will be able to achieve in the year ahead. Perhaps you could do a google image search on the word “disappointed” and see if that helps to inspire you and give your other ideas on what gestures, actions and movements you could use. Hi Thadee thank you for this first reflection. I would like you to really focus on just the emotion that you are trying to portray. Make a real conscious effort on knowing exactly what gestures, actions and movements you are using to show this. Be specific on how many steps you take before looking up for example. When do you turn your head to the right, to the left? On what line in the song? When offering ideas make sure it is to enhance the ensemble/group performance in connection and response to what you are doing and the impact you want that to have on the audience. We should all be working towards realising our intent on the audience. Excellent reflection and reflective practice (asking your sister for feedback is great). I also thought you were much more confident in your performance and loved your entrance, which was a lovely contrast to what the audience had seen immediately before. I completely agree with you regarding having to know your positioning on stage and also coming into the light, we will work on this in the next few lessons. Thank you for the feedback. I will try to use this advice and combine it with my skills to then be implemented in my drama lessons. Thank you.

I really had so much fun in the first week of drama lesson.the thing that I enjoyed the most was when every group performed togethers that is so amazing my group and everyone tried their best and really did a good job.Compare from last year I feel like I am more bold and have more confident which is make me so happy with this.

Claire Gordon

Drama Teacher


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