Grade 9: Creative Architectural Design

Students taking the MYP Visual Art/Design course have been busy working on an Architecture unit. In order to explore and understand what the phrase ‘forms follows function’ means they looked at examples of inspiring architecture, analysed the aesthetic of one building, produced concept drawings, paper/card sculptural models,, refined their ideas using the software Fusion 360, 3D printed these and are now making larger scale architectural/sculptural models.

There are still several stages to go through before the grade 9 designers complete a final  digital ‘rendering’ of their building in a specific location. We will display all their work once completed. They are a wonderful group of creative and focused students, and we are looking forward to sharing their final designs later on in the unit.

Our thanks to Ajarn Mark for his expertise and enthusiasm throughout this unit, and to the grade 9 visual art/design class for their exemplary studentship.

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