Grade 9 Camp Week 2016

Camp Week is the only week in the year where we get to spend an entire week with our classmates and teachers. This was a week where we got to know our classmates in a different way and under new circumstances. We built strong bonds and had heaps of fun doing it. 

Starting the week off at a military base doing a tower jump and swinging over a river just can’t be compared to a day sitting in a classroom. After the military base activities we set off to our campsite where we got in groups to set up our tents. Later we huddled around the campfire singing songs trying to beat the cold and admired the stars that were shining brightly away from all the city lights. 

The next two days were a lot of hard work but we pulled together as a group, helping each other complete the International Award adventurous journey. That night we sat playing games and celebrating the accomplishment and the moments we shared. 

For the last two days we did a lot of water activities; firstly we bamboo rafted down a shallow river with breathtaking scenery and wildlife, camped near a local village and watched traditional dances preformed by the local children. We also got a chance to learn their dance and teach them some of ours: for hours we laughed by the campfire, enjoying our last night together. 

On the last day we packed up our things and headed to a river where we were taught how to whitewater raft. We took the rafts down the river and stopped not too far from school. 

The whole week was an unbelievable experience and we made memories we will never forget.

Alysha and Jigme 9M

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