Grade 9 Art/Design: Fake it until you Make it!

The grade 9 art/design students have been such an amazing group this year. They have developed advanced drawing skills and deep knowledge of facial anatomy in a unit about portraiture, and they have delighted us with their design work in a unit about Architecture. Now, whilst working remotely, they have been asked to turn their creative attention to interior design and work in teams to develop a plan for a gallery or museum space to house their portrait work from unit 1.

One of the first tasks was to create a ‘deep fake’ of their work hanging in a famous gallery. This was a light hearted way of beginning our design journey, and yet again the grade 9 students showed themselves to be skilled, creative and fully engaged with their art and design course.

We hope this small selection of pieces will whet your appetite for seeing more of the grade 9 students’ work later in the year when we share their google sites with the Prem community.


The pieces here are by Xicheng (main story pic) , Non,  Meena, Lily, Hermione,, Fiona and Ferm.

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