Grade 9 and 10 Orientation

We started the 2017 – 2018 school year off with a whole load of fun, festivities, bikes and newspapers in Grade 9 and 10!
The Grade 9’s had a fun filled day working through team building activities, tug-o-war competitions and banana bike adventure challenges to orient themselves with their peers, staff and the beautiful Prem campus. New students and staff were welcomed with friendly faces and smiles and introduced to their Homerooms by their buddies. Existing staff and students were buzzing with holiday news, new haircuts and colours and, of course, the excitement for the new school year! Along with all the fun, the Grade 9’s got down to business working their way through an IT orientation, selecting Arts subjects and organising themselves for the year ahead with the help of their attentive Homeroom leaders, A. Simi and A. Simon.
Grade 10 stepped it up a notch with introductions to the Silver International Award, Arts subject selections and the big number for any Grade 10 student, the Personal Project. Students had an afternoon of learning how to build rubrics and then put this into action with their newspaper models challenge. Teams got underway with their creative task, collaborating together to plan their design, create and add those finishing touches to their grand designs before their team model hit the catwalk. Students had a fun afternoon witnessing their peers creativity and individuality while learning how to build that all important success rubric for their Personal Projects. The Grade 10’s are lucky to have an experienced and caring homeroom team in A. Mel D, A. Gina and A. Shane this year.
We are all looking forward to an action-packed, fruitful and fun filled school year after such a positive kick off!

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