Grade 8D Camp Week

Camp week was a truly incredible experience. Some of us were apprehensive that there may be some drama occurring in this week, and if you’re an adult reading this, you would probably roll your eyes or snicker if you got to know half of the things we bicker about. 

Regardless, I was proven wrong. This week was one of the best experiences in my life so far. 

The breathtaking views when we went kayaking and hiking, the impact we had by helping build a kindergarten school, and the thrill of zip lining were tremendous. These few lines will never fully explain the wonderful time I had. These lines will also never explain the marvellous activities my class and I took part in, but they will give future Grade 8s an idea of what to expect. 

Although it won’t all be a piece of cake since there will be times where you feel your teeth clattering against each other because it’s freezing, or times where you wish you brought extra blankets. But in the end, these will be old memories that you’ll laugh about years later. These moments will be just another story someday, so cherish it while you can.

Rayi Singh

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