Grade 8 Music Trip to PAYAP University

On 08 March 2017, the Grade 8 classes experienced a ‘day in the life of a music student’ at PAYAP University. The day started out by observing three studio classes (woodwinds, strings, and voice), in which university students played for and received feedback from their professors. The musicians’ performances were inspiring and it was interesting to hear how feedback was given in university studio classes.

After a short break, we separated into sectionals (strings, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and brass) led by PAYAP professors and graduate students. In these sectionals, students received individual attention on their instruments and played together to create a unified sound.

The day ended on a big note! We had a full tutti rehearsal and several PAYAP students and professors stayed after lunch to play with our forty Grade 8 students. We worked on the “Thai Royal Anthem” and “Fire in the Night Sky” in preparation for our parent invitational concert on Friday, 24 March 2017.

Big thanks to A. Yog, A. William, A. Chaipruck, A. Moo, A. Bond, A. Pop, A. Arm, the PAYAP university students and graduates, and to our Grade 8 students who were focused and professional throughout the day’s rehearsals.

We look forward to future collaboration with the PAYAP University Music School.

-A. Gina

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