Grade 8: Capturing images of Chiang Mai

For our Grade 8 field trip we had the pleasure of taking a series of photographs to portray ‘Chiang Mai’. On a sunny day we travelled to the old town of Chiang Mai where we first saw the towering Three Kings Monument giving us a small photogenic peak in the day before us. As we split into groups and separated in the many different directions we were able to visit several temples, artsy graffiti walls, and the Chiang Mai House of Photography. Walking through the streets of the old city reminded us of the traditional cultural heritage Chiang Mai has kept over the years. The highlight of the day, in my opinion was gathering together after our few hours of strolling through the blazing sun at a Nong Buak Hard Public Park to have lunch. Lunch was spent with valuable social bonding amongst the various groups. The day was full of interesting cultural learning, with many expressive photos.

Grade 8 Noa




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