Grade 8 camp

Our camp week was fun and tiring. We did many activities in the local area around Mae Rim and Chiang Dao.

Our camp word cloud
On Monday
On the first night grade 8 C stayed at Chiang Dao and grade 8 J stayed at Makhampom Theatre. Grade 8 C went Ziplining at the Eagle Track Zipline Chiang Mai, it was fun and exciting. Grade 8 J went to Makhampom Theater and spent one night there. After Ziplining grade 8 C went to Chiang Dao by a van and stayed there for three nights it took about one hour to reach the homestay. When we arrive we went  hiking and it was really tiring the hiking took us about 2 hour and about 30 minutes and we came back and had dinner. Grade 8 J had a drama class at  Makhampom Theatre and they went to ‘Pand Dang’ they are a Burmese community that move to Chiang Dao and they’ve already stayed there for about 30-40 years. Grade 8 J did some activities cooking for people, cooking food for pigs, and weaving then they saw a circus performance by the kids in the village. They came back and had dinner at Makhampom Theater.

On Tuesday
Grade 8 C had breakfast and went to the small school and built a fence for them and it was quite hot and tiring we began at about 10 am and finished at 3 pm and went back to our homestay and relaxed in our rooms then had dinner at 6 pm. Grade 8 J has join us and we had a campfire.
On Wednesday
Grade 8 C went to build dams for people who live up there to have water to use when there’s no rain and the water was very, very cold and our feet were frozen, we can’t feel anything. We had 3 group and we built 2 dams per group one dam in the morning and another dam in the afternoon. Grade 8 J did hiking for 7 hours and everybody came back and did jungle cooking. We made Chicken Curry, BBQ, Hot potato, and Chicken steak.

On Thursday
Grade 8 C move to Makhampom Theater, but grade 8 J still stay at the homestay. Grade 8 C  did the same activity as grade 8 J some drama activities, played games learned how to act with your body. Grade 8 C built dams the same as grade 8 C and grade 8 C had dinner at Makhampom Theater and learn about and watched a shadow puppet show. Grade 8 J they finished building the dams then they came back  to their homestay.

On Friday
Grade 8 C went on a bicycle ride for 3 km and went to Mae Ngat Dam and they had lunch there then came back Prem. Grade 8 J went to Zipline and had some activity then came back to Prem.
Our reflections:
Mintra: I think camp week is good and fun. I met some new friends and they are all nice. It was a bit tiring, but it’s still fun. I did something that I’d never done before like making a dam and building a fence. Building fence it’s a very hard work, so I don’t want to have to do this again.
Phumin: This is my first time on camp. It was good and a bit tiring, but it was fun. I can make a lot of friends. We played games together at night time. Sometimes we played Uno together and had fun. My special time was cooking and playing games at night time.  
Tim: Through this camping I learned to be more independent, know more about my friends, and it let me know more about Chiang Mai.
Yejun: This camp was good to learn about the importance of studying hard at school. If you don’t want job to have a building dams or walls you must study hard to get an office job

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