Grade 7: Warm Hearts and High Mountains

On the 5th of November, our class, Grade 7 went to Warm Heart foundation located in Phrao for our day out. 

It took us around an hour to get there as it is high up in the mountains. Once we got there, we immediately noticed the environment. We were surrounded by nature. There was only one main house made out of bricks. The others were shelters made out of bamboo and other natural resources. 

We first discussed about why we were there. The answer was we wanted to help people by doing community service because we wanted equality amongst all people. We are all humans so we all have the feeling of love which allows us to feel sorry for others and we all share the same planet, Earth. Then we got onto what would be doing. We reduced the amount of waste created by using styrofoam to create bricks for building. Our grade separated into 3 groups; one for crushing the styrofoam into small pieces, one for mixing the cement with the styrofoam to create bricks and one for building a wall with the bricks. After watching and learning, we got to try all of the different procedures ourselves. That’s when we realised all the hard work the villagers have to go through in order to create a simple roof over their heads. 

The field trip was really fun. I hope we get to do something like this again in the future.

Grade 7 Oc and Coco

Aj.Cat has some excellent photographs of this event on her flicker page: HERE


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