Grade 7 visit some of Chiang Mai’s holy places

Grade 7 went on an interesting and thought-provoking field trip on Thursday. As part of our unit on ‘What people believe in’, we visited some significant religious sites in Chiang Mai: Wat Ket Karam temple, the First Church of Chiang Mai and the Chabad House Synagogue. At each location, we were lucky enough to have an English speaking Pastor, Monk and Rabbi who spoke with us and shared some of their insights about their respective religions. Students were really engaged and enjoyed asking questions to help them answer their summative assessment essay questions, “what aspect of your chosen religion impacts people lives the most”.

We also enjoyed a kosher lunch at the Chabat House where many students tried falafel, pita bread, tahini and chatzilim (or Israeli eggplant salad), for the first time.

A big thank you to K. Kib, and Orit Benita who helped make all the arrangements for the trip!

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