Grade 7 Humanities: Focus on Deforestation

This term, Grade 7 Humanities students are involved in a unit on Challenges Facing Modern Thailand. Students will be learning about a variety of topics before choosing one and creating a website on it. The most recent issue they have studied is deforestation.
On Thursday, 18 January, students were lucky to interact with two visitors, A. Lynda and A. Fran. Both have expertise in the area of environmental education, and they helped our students to better understand the various causes and effects of deforestation, including examples in Chiang Mai.
One of the activities students engaged in was a simulation of how sediment builds up in rivers due to logging. Students played different roles to investigate about how deforestation, and the resulting accumulation of sediment, can be harmful to nature and to humans.
Students will have the chance to revisit this topic during Camp Week, when they visit Khao Yai National Park and learn about efforts to protect national parks.
Please have a look at some photos of this activity below.

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