Grade 7 day out

This week, on Tuesday the 13th of November, our Middle School students, Grade 6 to 8 enjoyed a ‘day out’. However, for our Grade 7 students, they, in fact, enjoyed a ‘day in’, hosting the Grade 7 students from our local school, Nong Plaman. The students have been collaborating together over the past weeks this term to create a fundraising project. This service project involves raising money for Nong Plaman to build a large, enclosed meeting room, which can then be enjoyed all year round by both their students and the members of their village community. Their target is to raise 100,000 baht to cover the building costs and they will hold a fair at Prem this term, dates to be confirmed very shortly. The students spent most of the day in four groups planning their marketing and advertising, making crafts to be sold, sourcing recipes for food to be sold and creating games to be played on the day. The day also included other kinds of fun and games, including icebreaker games to get to know each other, swimming, badminton and basketball and finally a whole group ball game in the gym. As you can see from the photos, a great time was had by all and we hope you will be able both enjoy the upcoming fair and support this worthy local cause.

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