Grade 7 camp


We went to Bangkok by train, and then we travelled to Khao Yai by bus, we stopped for breakfast on the way. At Khao Yai we stayed in a dormitory.  The food on camp was delicious.
On Monday we played games a went for a grassland walk in the afternoon, we looked for animal tracks and poop. After dinner we played Stepping Stones then we went to bed at 9:30.

On Tuesday we traveled to Mor singh tor trail, then we walked in a true Evergreen Forest, After dinner We went watching bird. After dinner we went on a night safari and looked at animals.then we went to bed at 9:30. At Khao Yai we saw a lot of animals, such as monkeys, elephants, deers, porcupines and a lot of birds.

On Wednesday, we went to the waterfall played there and wrote poetry in the morning and and learned about ecosystems and lichen in the afternoon, after that, we went to a bat cave and saw the bats coming out at dusk, it was fun, but we were a little bit tried. We also went to a 7/11 to buy some snacks.
On Thursday,  we went to Ayutthaya and after lunch we went to a historical studies Centre and learned about the history of Ayutthaya and the Japanese settlement there. Then we went to local school and did some activities with the children to teach them some simple English and did some art with them, it was fun!. After dinner we had free time, showers and sleep at 9:30.

On Friday, we went to look at the river at the old fort then went to a temple and we did a scavenger hunt at the temple. After that we went to the airport and travelled back to Chiang Mai.
Our reflections:

Andy: I learned how to be comfortable when I was tried, and I also learned the famous place in Bangkok.My Favorite place is Khao Yai park and Ayutthaya.
Non: I learned about Ayutthaya and animals in Khao Yai. I also made new friends. I think next time I should talk and participate a bit more in activities to improve my speaking.  
Tom: I learned about how animals can survive in the forest and human hunted animals for what? I made more friends on the last day when I went to Ayutthya.
Dylan: I learned about natural and animals. And saw many animals like deers, I like deers. I made new friends.
Xixun: I learned mammals tracks in Khao Yai. We also learned Ayutthaya about Japanese Ayutthaya Village this was interesting. I enjoyed when we were taught the Thai students, Thai students were good.

By Andy, Non, Tom, Xixun & Dylan

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