Grade 7 Blogs on Good Parents

Grade 7 AEP students have been studying Matilda by Roald Dahl. One of the inquiry questions they explored while reading was “What qualities make a good parent?”.

In response, students created rubrics for parents and their qualities. As a group, they settled on “spending time,” “spending money” and “talking to kids” as criteria. They gave Matilda’s parents a score based on facts and details from the text.

After this, students viewed blogs as a genre of writing that expresses opinions. Students looked at models of blogs and identified common features, such as headings, related links and comments. They practiced creating blogs on paper by adding these features to sample opinion essays. They also added grammatical structures used in blogs, like modal verbs and conditional sentences.

Finally, students created their own blogs, using They used the criteria from their rubrics to describe the qualities of good parents, giving examples. They also incorporated the vocabulary and grammar they learned, as well as the features necessary for blogs. They also re-drafted their work with the teacher to correct certain errors before publishing the blogs.

To find out more about what the students feel makes a good parent, please see the links below.









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