Grade 6 Camp

In the Grade 6 camp, there was a lot of learning, drama and people having tons of fun. From people getting into big fights to almost getting kicked out of our tent area by park rangers. Here are some of the best highlights of the grade 6 camp.

Day 1 – At the start of the grade 6 camp. we all met at the cafeteria at 8:15 for the camp. We checked our bags and set of for Doi Inthanon. When we got to our destination we wrote our hopes goals and fears for the camp. Then we all went to a waterfall which was very cold, and we caught a lot of bugs. One of us even found a water scorpion! For dinner, we got supplies which were cabbages, onions, chicken, carrots, and eggs. We were split into small groups to cook our own food. We were really loud at night so the park rangers came to the teachers and gave the teachers a warning to make us be quieter.

Day 2 – In the morning we went to a restaurant called Kin Imm which means ‘Eat Full’ in Thai. The food there was very delicious. When breakfast was done we went back to the campsite to do shelter building and learn about knots. We learned all kinds of different knots and made shelters that were waterproof, windproof and earthquake proof. After that, we went to the Royal Project to learn the history of this project and we interviewed the staff there. When we got back from dinner, we took showers that were really cold, then we went to bed.

Day 3 – In the morning we went to Kin Imm to eat breakfast. Then we went hiking. During hiking for one group, they saw a pit viper, and both groups visited an amazing waterfall. We also looked for sticks that we could use for spears while we were hiking. After hiking we made spears and learned about how coffee is made.

Day 4 – On Thursday we visited a fish farm. At the fish farm, we learned about how fish were bred and what they were used for. We saw some cool fish there. We also did some community service where we taught kids while they were at school.

Day 5 – On day 5, the last day, we all had to wake up early to pack our bags. We left at 8:00 am to Kin Imm where we had breakfast for the last time. Then we went to a pottery place. At the pottery place, we made pigs and elephants out of clay. After lunch, we came back to school. Everyone had had a really fun time.

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