Grade 6 Archaeological excavation

This week Grade 6 had a great opportunity for some hands-on, experiential learning by taking part in an archaeological dig at the Prem Farm.

Students worked in groups of 5 to carefully excavate a designated plot, using authentic tools common to archaeological specialists. After discovering their artifacts and recording the location on a grid sheet, students then cleaned and examined each artifact, analyzing the physical features and trying to interpret what it could tell us about the people who left it behind. Conversations around ‘who could have made this’, ‘what was it used for’, and ‘how did it get here’ were animated and enthusiastic, if at times slightly fanciful.

Many valid conclusions were drawn and students gained valuable insight into the complicated study of History, where, like detectives in an investigation, students ask questions, study the evidence for clues, and form hypotheses or educated guesses about what life was like long ago.

A special thank you to A. Sandeep and the Farm staff for helping us create this unique opportunity for our students!

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