Grade 6 - 8 Awards Assembly

The Middle School Awards Assembly on Wednesday recognized students for achievement in individual subject coursework. Each year, teachers of the classes are asked to identify a student in two categories. The first is a student who has shown excellence by having the highest marks for achievement over the year and the other, a student who has made the most progress by demonstrating improvement between Semester 1 and Semester 2.

Students were also acknowledged for excellence in Learning Behaviors. Each term, students are evaluated on their organization of both time and materials as well as their participation in class lessons and working with their peers. These Excellence Awards go to students who have maintained the highest numbers of excellent marks in their grade level, overall classes, all year.

Lastly, the Middle School Student Council (MS StuCo) members were commended for their work to serve, lead and inspire the student body and their dedication to working for and improving the middle school.

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