Grade 5 - Visit a Karen village

Sangob Hill Tribe Karen Village – By June
One lovely morning we were all so excited to go to the village. I was in a van with my friend, we were so happy in there cause WE HAD MUSIC!!!!! It was SICK. We sang along with the song. Finally, after one year, we were there um…. not exactly one year but an hour. When we arrived we met A.Laurent, aka our music teacher and we met new friends, that is the people in the Karen village Emanuello, Pisa, and Pisa Kom. They gave us a lot of information about the village.
Next, our teacher split us into 2 groups I was with Cameron, Jonas, and lots more, I love my group! But we still went as a class. We stopped at a shop to buy some snacks. I bought a banana snack and a drink. The banana snack that the Karen people made by themselves was delicious.
Later we ate snack we went to a waterfall where the Karen people get their water for shower. We split to our group and one group gets to sling shot and the other get to learn about food and eat lunch, my group got to do the slingshot I hit the target 5 times! To be honest I think I am pretty good at it.
When we finished playing with the slingshot all of us were trying to find the clay ball we used for hitting the target. It was our turn to go to learn about the food in the village. We learned that lots of plants can be used as mosquito propellant. It was cool to know that then we ate some delicious food that they made for us.
The last thing we did was asking the Karen people questions about migration we had some good answer, we tried how to make clothes or we could buy bags or scarves. I bought a bag. I like it very much it was for my library books. It was time to go back but I had a brilliant idea, I told A.Laurent that we all can sing thank you song in Karen language that we learned last year so we sang for them they were so happy and we were happy that we sang for them.
Sangob Hill Tribe Karen Village Field Trip – by Cameron
On Tuesday 12/9/17 we went on a field trip to Sangob hill tribe village. When we got to school we came to the classroom to get our inquiry books to ask the Karen people some questions at the end of the day. As soon as everyone was ready we went to the Cafeteria to get on our vans. I went with Giovani, June, Fafa, Jonas, Pinn, Dong Dong and myself.
When we got there we met Laurent, Emanuello and P. Sa Kum. we sat down at some tables while the teachers organized us into groups.
After we went to the toilet my group walked down to the rice paddies and had a very long talk about the village. Most of us were asking lots of questions and Laurent answered all of them.
The other group came after that so we went to a shop where we bought some food and had a bit of a rest. We carried on until we got to P. Sa’s house. We split up and my group went to play with slingshots while the other group made lunch back at P. Sa’s house. We played in teams but unfortunately, I hit none of the bottles down (our team won though.) We also went to a graveyard where my classmates thought it was spooky.

When we finished the other group came and we went to do some weaving and asked lots of questions about migration because about 200 years ago the people that are there now migrated from Nepal and China to Thailand. After we did some questioning we bought some hand knitted clothes that they made themselves.

Finally, we went back to the vans and traveled back to PREM.

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