Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

On Tuesday, the Grade 5’s hosted this year’s Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition event, ‘Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity’. This learning journey is the culmination of our understanding of the Primary Years’ Program where we demonstrated the Learner Profiles and Approaches To Learning ( ATL’s) by working with our groups to find and carry out a significant Action to support our cause. The day was a huge success – from our Opening Ceremony, through to the Exhibition presentations of how we can help ourselves, each other and the planet. We are now spending time reflecting and looking forward to how we can continue to take action.

Kevin and Oojee
Grade 5 Students
Talking About the Grade 5 Exhibition Through the Lens of a 6-7 Year Old.

The grade 5 student’s exhibition was a great success this week. It was fantastic to see so many of the younger students engaged with the older students and asking really great questions. Grade 1 students particularly caught my attention this year as they sat and listened to some of the presentations alongside me. I was really inspired to write this article as I listened to the questions the young students asked the grade 5. “Why did you choose this topic”? (Thomas), “how long does it take for a plastic toothbrush to decompose”? (Eddie). “How long did it take to do your research?” (Thomas)

I then wanted to find out more about the exhibition from the perspective of our younger students. I sat with some of the grade one students afterwards to talk about the exhibition. They were very clear explaining what they had learnt from visiting the exhibition.
“I saw a smokey display where it was about the bad air. We learnt that bad air is caused by gas and we should  get electric cars.“(Alex)

“I learnt about Pollution – the air can actually get to 1000 when it is black, it usually is white, green, orange, red, purple and brown”. (Eddie)
“I learnt about the trash at the exhibition and the trash can end up in the sea and we could be helping take the trash out of the water.” (James)
The grade 5’s did lots of work and they did lots of research. They were learning and inquiring into different things, dogs, smoke and things that they chose and they focussed on it. (Thomas)
It was very evident as I talked to the students that they enjoyed visiting and listening to the Grade 5 students sharing their learning.
It was very fun and they taught me a lot of things about air pollution and that is why we should wear the air quality mask. (Alex)
I enjoyed it alot because I got to learn new things and what they learnt for a long time because they did research for a long time. (Thomas)
I enjoyed the air pollution because I learned about a lot of stuff.” (Isla)
“I enjoyed the exhibition because I learned the earth has so many things.” (James)
“Yes I did, because I learnt about so many different pollution, radioactive, water and space pollution.”  (Eddie)
The students made connections between the exhibition as well as themselves being researchers. Isla commented that they also do research in grade 1. “And what we do in grade 1 is that we choose what our research is about. I researched teachers.”
“I researched about vets because I am really interested in being a vet.” (Alex)
“I researched about teachers too” said Amy.

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

Grade 1 Visit the Exhibition
The grade 1 students are already thinking about some things they might like to research in grade 5 for their exhibition; dogs, numbers, inside earth and plates, new devices, cats, inside your body and The Earth were some of their ideas. It’s exciting we have such enthusiastic young inquirers in our school.
The Grade 1 students had a wonderful experience this morning when they visited the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition. There were so many exciting examples of inquiry learning and the older students shared all their ideas very well. The Grade 1 students asked lots of questions and were a very respectful audience. Well done to everyone who helped make this such a special celebration of the PYP approach to learning.

Kate Rock

Grade 1 Teacher

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