Grade 5 PYP Exhibition: a great success

Congratulations to Grade 5 who completed a set of remarkable presentations at this year's Junior School Exhibition.  We proudly communicated our ideas, showed our knowledge of local and global issues, confidently presented to our community, and shared the importance taking 'action' to raise awareness or solve these problems.  

A huge thank you to the following inspiring students:

Arthur, Knight and Vithaya

Central Idea: Human Contamination can cause animal extinction.

Yunseo, Pink, Jasmine and Opale

Central Idea: We can take action toward the environment to make the world a better place.

Natcha and Sunwa

Central Idea: Finding out about natural disasters can inspire people to take action for change.


Central Idea: Balance and lifestyle has an influence on the quality of life.


Central Idea: Finding out about China’s environmental policy can inspire people to take action for change.

Kevin, Steve and Jay

Central Idea: Ancient civilisations and their technology and ideas have influenced us and they are still impacting on us today.

Conrad and Thomas

Central Idea: People can treat the world in a better way, by realising the consequences of their actions along with educating themselves about world issues.

Gavin and Max

Central Idea: Finding out about language preservation can inspire people to take action for change.


Central Idea: Finding out about air pollution can inspire people to take action for change.


Central Idea: Air pollution has been a big problem facing our planet. It can affect our health and well-being in a negative way. Inquiring into this concept can lead us to take action and make a change throughout our community.

Olivia and Mayta

Central Idea: Finding out about equal opportunities for children can inspire people to take action for change.

Or and Vicky

Central Idea: Finding out about GMOs, pesticides and factory farming can inspire people to take action for change.

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