Grade 5 PYP Exhibition 2016

Grade 5 students cordially invite the Prem Community to attend the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held on Wednesday, 25th May in the Junior School and Library.

This is a culmination of research into local and global issues within in the Transdisciplinary Theme 'Sharing the Planet'. Students have been finding out about an issue to help inspire themselves and others to take action for change. 

We invite you to engage with the students in a conversation about their Exhibition work, ask them questions and share ideas.

The timeline for the day is as follows

9.20 am – Junior School Green tiles
Music and Dance performances

9.55 – 10:20
Morning break – tea and coffee for parents, Grade 5 Gallery walk.  

10.20 – 11:35
Session 1: Exhibition stands in the Library

Lunch for students.

Session 2: Exhibition stands in the Library

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