Grade 5 PYP Exhibition 2015

Congratulations to our three Junior School boarders who last week presented their PYP Exhibition to students, parents and teachers over a two-day period. In total they completed a twenty-minute presentation, eight times!

Snowy and Dharma's Exhibition topic was habitat loss and their action included planting Asian Water Moss and making signs to educate the public about the dangers of polluting our rivers. Their presentation included a catchy and memorable song!

Peter's group focused on air pollution. For their action they successfully fundraised enough money to place Areca Palms in every Junior School classroom. Areca Palms are effective in capturing dust particles and contributing to healthy air for all the Junior School students.

Our students showed great organisation, determination and presentation skills. At the end of the two days they were exhausted but proud of their efforts. To celebrate the students enjoyed a pizza and an open mic night with their fellow boarders on Friday night!

Well done to Snowy, Dharma and Peter.

Greg Wilson
Cultural Learning Mentor

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