Grade 5 hard at work preparing for the exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is well underway and the date of the staging is rapidly approaching (9 March). The children generally have 3 lines of inquiry into which they research.They should now have completed their first line of inquiry and be well into their second line of inquiry.

For each line of inquiry each child should have completed:

  • A digital media presentation that illustrates their findings into the first LOI. (Slide Show, Prezi etc)
  • A physical piece that connects to their inquiry e.g., poster, art work, poem, song.
  • A survey or interview.
  • Something that describes the action they took during LOI 1. (6 ways to take action)
  • A short speech (2 mins or so) summarizing their process and findings during the first line of inquiry.

Please ask your child to share their findings with you. Perhaps listen to their speech and offer some feedback. Ask the children if their have completed each required element and if they have done their best.

We are also developing a song to share that connects to our concept of “Paying it Forward. It is a very busy and exciting time in Grade 5 at the moment. All parents are welcome to visit the classrooms and join us at any time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact A.Paul or A.Paddy if you have any queries.

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