Grade 5: Fabulous Festival of Super Science

This week also saw the Grade 5’s present their experiments in a Fabulous Festival of Super Science held in the auditorium. Visitors commented on how knowledgeable and well prepared the students were as they explained their amazing exploration of a googling array of scientific investigations; from growing mould, to bending water , from exploring potential elastic energy to finding out why some soap lathers more than others. The grade 5 students should be proud of their achievements and we thank them for their hard work and expertise.

We would also like to offer a special thank you to Ajarn Alison and Ajarn Gillian for guiding the grade 5 students through the process leading up to the event. It is excellent preparation for the Grade 5 exhibition, the planning for which starts as soon as wee return to school on 6th January; what an exciting start to 20321 that will be!

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