Grade 5 Exhibition

Congratulations to Grade 5 who were amazing communicators and showed courage in presenting their inquiries to the whole community at the Grade 5 Exhibition. We are all very proud of your opening performances and for the many hours you spent in inquiring into something that you felt passionate about. You spoke confidently to many different people on the day and have listened to the feedback from your peers, parents and teachers.
Grade 5 students remember what your teachers have spoken to you about, whilst the Exhibition is officially concluded, we aim to be sustainable with our learning and continue to “Pay it forward” and to encourage acts of kindness.
Well done Grade 5!

5PJ Groups and Central Ideas
Learning about advances in commercial jet design to promote fuel efficiency will lead to people choosing more sustainable options for air travel.
Learning about invasive species can lead to change that impacts the environment sustainably.
Magic is an expression of creativity that can impact the community.
Pan, Christy
Learning about chemistry can lead to clearer understandings about how the world works.
Learning about Animal extinction and animal cruelty can lead to action and change.
Learning about spiders can lead to understanding our connection to living things.
Andreas, Mickey
Learning about food can impact people’s lifestyles around the world.
Lucy, Gao Gao
Understanding natural disasters helps us learn about human survival.
Music has an effect on our personalities
Isabella, Vanessa, Alice
Inquiring into endangered elephants will lead to small actions that will have a positive impact
Learning about nuclear weapons can make a positive impact on the world.
Learning about endangered sharks can help me take action that makes an impact.
Learning about fuel for cars can change people’s perspective of sustainability.
Learning more about the impact of plastic can motivate people to take action for the environment.
Learning about endangered Orcas can make positive impact for change.
Learning about air pollution can have a big impact on living things.
Learning about swimming can impact people’s lives
5PMC Groups and Central Ideas
Giovanni, David, and Fafa
Famous brands have changed and evolved along with society
Learning about Football can lead to creativity and change
Learning about Sports Nutrition can lead to small ideas that impact others.
Learning about the human brain can help me understand how my body works.
Animation is an expression of creativity that can lead to change
There is a creative connection between friendship and dance that can impact the world
Rebecca, Vivian
The making of a movie is an expression of creativity which can lead to change.
Ray, Nicolai
Learning about electronic devices can show understanding of how the world works.
Cooking is an expression of creativity that can lead to change.
Learning about trees and sustainability leads to action that can make an impact
Dong Dong
Learning about horses can lead to action for change
Inquiring into wolves can lead to actions for change.
Learning about animal cruelty can lead to small actions for change
Scientific discoveries have changed the world.
Learning about endangered African Elephants can help me to take action that makes an impact.
Technology helps us be global citizens.
Learning about economics can lead to taking action for change

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