Grade 4 Workshop With Rosi Greenberg!

This is just one example of student engagements, post Covid-lockdowns, that focus on developing emotional intelligence and empathy through arts engagement and co-collaboration… ( Art Residency Thailand Programme – Alex Soulsby FRSA)

Grade 4 has been working for the past two weeks with Rosi Greenberg, the visiting artist in our Art Residency Thailand Programme. In the first week, we got to know Rosi a bit better while we explored our fears, or what scared us. We created a safe space as our fears were shared and glued onto the ‘fear monster’. We then wrote notes of what we wanted to remember when we were faced with fear.

We brought those back this week, made them into shields, and were able to fight our fear monster with our magical wands which we created. We learned through Rosi’s book, “Everyone has a Sam” that the fear monster was actually, Sam, who is Rosi’s inner-critic or as we called him, ‘inner-meanie’. Our class confidently, with our shield and wand in tack, was able to stand up to our own inner meanies!

We look forward to returning to the art house next week to not only see our work on display but to see what other groups that worked with Rosi have done to face their inner meanies!
Megan Gless
Grade 4 PYP Teacher

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